About us

We are Mick and Suzie a mature married couple living in Somerset who like to live life to the full.

The idea of selling online came about due to a serious health problem back in 2014 which subsequently brought about early retirement at aged 55 for Mick who up until then had a very well paid career, so now down from a good salary to a company pension.

A cheap all in website came up for sale already stocked with overpriced sex toys, and initially this is how Play4pleasure came about. Yes we have always liked and enjoyed a healthy sex life in all respects but very quickly it came apparent a more niche market had to be found in order to survive and grow the business.

Suzie having a strong interest in Corsets found many available were simply overpriced, and those that were in the grasp of ordinary people and UK wages just didn`t do anything for the figure, had no weight to them and many had little or even plastic "bones" such is the flooded import market from China.

Selling the sex toys competitively was not an option. Lovehoney et al secured that market years ago, but we do admire the way they built the business from nothing.

We had to find another niche market to accompany the Corsets and as we already had a lot of knowledge and experience of it, Bdsm equipment was a natural choice, followed by a range of dildos of a more exotic and different nature, whether it be shape or size.

With the Bdsm equipment there is already a strong market of cheaper imports from China, mainly in faux leather but there is also a good market for Genuine Leather Hand Crafted items in which we wish to trade primarily for those who demand a better quality and long lasting product but at an affordable price.

Trading since late June 2018 things are progressing well, both online selling through a shop on Ebay and also trading at S.W.A.M.P in Bristol on the 2nd Sunday of every month, so customers can see, feel and of course try on our large range of Corsets and examine and inspect our range of Bdsm items and Adult Toys.